Join Us This Weekend!

If you need help with transportation let us know and we’ll pick you up!

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• Sunday Service at 11AM
• Monday Night Prayer 7PM
• Wednesday Night TBU Study 7PM
• (361) 765-1335
• Email us @
• 416 E. Main Avenue
  Robstown, Texas 78380
We understand when visiting any new church, most people have many questions! We care about you and your family’s experience and want you to know we are ready to assist you.   Our Welcome Team and Ushers & Greeters will likely be the first faces you meet and can answer any general questions you may have in regard to where you may find the restrooms and who to connect with for specific ministry questions, but there are also some other questions we might be able to answer for you ahead of time! 
What Can I Expect?
Our service is about 90 minutes in length – it begins with 30 minutes of praise and worship followed by an encouraging and edifying Word from God
What Is The Culture Like?
Here at The Bridge, our culture revolves around our Core Planks..
LOVE- Is laying down ourselves for others
EXCELLENCE- Is giving God everything we have at its highest quality
GENEROSITY- Is understanding that all our resources are given by God, and are to be available for Kingdom purposes
SERVANT-HOOD- Is realizing that greatness is found in your greatest act of service
FAITH- Is expecting God to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we may ask or think
HONOR- Is Recognizing, Respecting, and Protecting the significance of one another
LEADERSHIP- Is increasing our level of influence in order to increase our level of impact
What Is Your Mission?
Our mission is to make known the Word of God,
that it may transform the lives of those who hear it,
to seek out and save the lost, to help them cross over from:
sickness into Healing,
from bondage into Deliverance,
from poverty into Prosperity,
from weakness into Strength,
from despair into Peace,
and from what the world says they ought to be, into what God wants them to be. We seek to build up the people of God,
bring them together in fellowship, create an attitude of corporate worship, and in doing so building a church
that is a vehicle for the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ through excellence!
Is There A Dress Code?
Come relaxed or dress in your Sunday’s up to you! We are ready to welcome you and your family!
Is There Childcare Or Classes For My Children?
At the Bridge Church , our kids are our priority!
*Our Bridge Kidz Church (Ages 4-11) offers a safe environment to lay the foundation of  faith using educational and fun activities to guide our kids as they grow in the Word of God!
*Our New Creations Nursery (Ages Newborn-3yrs) offers a safe and edifying atmosphere of nurturing, play and worship.
*The Bridge Church Youth (Ages 12-19) gather for a fun and encouraging study every Wednesday evening at 7PM.
Where Do I Park?
You may park anywhere along Main street! If you have trouble finding a spot just ask one of our Bridge Guard Parking Lot attendants and they will assist you as best they can!  Also, if you need assistance getting to and from your vehicle the Bridge Guard can also make sure your needs are met.